2302-04: Performance Characteristics of No-Burn®, Inc. No-Burn® Plus

Report Holder:
No-Burn®, Inc.
Product Name:
No-Burn® Plus
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Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 2023
Updated Date:
Thursday, March 2, 2023

When used and installed in accordance with this Listing and the manufacturer installation instructions, No-Burn® Plus is approved for:

  1. No-Burn® Plus protection does not affect the allowable design stresses allowed for untreated OSB and lumber.
  2. The No-Burn® Plus coated load bearing wall assembly met the requirements for a 120 minute fire resistance rating when tested in accordance with ASTM E119.
  3. OSB and lumber protected with No-Burn® Plus meet the requirements where surface burning characteristics are required to be in accordance with ASTM E84 extended 20 minutes, ASTM E2768, and NFPA 255.
  4. No-Burn® Plus meets the required water vapor transmission properties for a Class III vapor retarder.
  5. No-Burn® Plus protected OSB and lumber meet the water resistance requirements of ASTM D4585.
  6. The degradation rate of CPVC is not increased by long-term contact with No-Burn® Plus protected OSB and lumber.

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