2302-41: Allowable Holes for OX Sheathing Products

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OX Engineered Products
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Thermo-Ply® Red Protective Sheathing, Thermo-Ply® Blue Protective Sheathing, SI-Strong Structural Insulation, Strong-R® Structural Insulation, OX-IS® Structural Insulation, Thermo-Ply® Red AMG Structural Sheathing, Thermo-Ply® Blue AMG Structural Sheathing, OX-IS® HD
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Thursday, June 22, 2023
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Thursday, June 22, 2023

OX Sheathing products are a structural sheathing composed of pressure-laminated plies consisting of high-strength cellulosic fibers placed in proprietary orientation(s) to provide a given set of strength properties. These fibers are specially treated to be water resistant and are bonded with a proprietary water-resistive adhesive. A protective polymer layer is applied on both sides of the panel, and foil facings may be additionally applied on one or both faces. Insulated sheathing product have a polyiso foam sheathing adhered to the structural sheathing component.


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