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State-of-the-Art Testing for New & Evolving Products

The Center for Building Innovation (CBI) is a state-of-the-art testing and research facility, specializing in product development, forensic, and R&D testing for a wide range of structural framing products, including steel, concrete and wood.

Whether you're bringing a brand new material, product, design or method of construction to market or are ready to optimize and expand your current offerings, contact us.

Innovation by Listening

We listen to your needs and work together to find the best testing method for your unique innovation. Our collaborative approach to testing plans leads to tailored solutions with proven results.

Creating Engineered Solutions Through Testing

Whether it's something as small as a fastener or as large as a 1,200 sq. ft. roof system, every new project at CBI begins with a detailed needs analysis to ensure we understand your goals and challenges, allowing us to successfully identify and implement the best technical solutions for your innovation.

From needs analysis to success in the market, we accomplish your mission by:

  • Reviewing the material, product, design, method of construction, and/or service offerings you want to cultivate.
  • Understanding the pain points your innovation addresses.
  • Identifying the unique characteristics that differentiates your innovation in that market.
  • Determining the most effective method(s) for testing.
  • Creating a logic-based test plan.
  • Providing test reports that define true-to-life performance.
Single Element Testing
Component Testing
Full-System Testing

Leveraging Our Knowledge for Your Success

Our extensive background in product development, testing, calibration, engineering, and the construction industry are the foundation for effective collaboration and project success.

We use our technical, building code and market development expertise to:

  • Analyze your innovation through the eyes of the specifier and installer to address potential complications before they arise in the field.
  • Optimize product performance through greater understanding of load paths.
  • Create economical design through system effect knowledge.
  • Provide the data needed for code compliance and PE certifications.
  • Recommend steps to sell your product the day after testing.
  • Identify key performance attributes to emphasize in market development efforts.
  • Explore opportunities to expand your technical service capabilities and sales potential.

Let’s Get Started

Our team will conduct a free needs analysis to learn more about your product or service and determine if we'll be a good fit for your needs.

Quality Assurance

CBI's professional engineering and technical team has the necessary expertise to provide independent third party and special inspection services to verify your product’s compliance with industry standards and any state adopted building code. CBI also can help you create your quality control documentation and audit reports to validate your procedures for high quality manufacturing. Finally, we provide QA surveillance audit and product surveillance testing reports as a code compliant approved agency and approved source.

Contact us today to begin your QA surveillance process!

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