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Engineered Solutions Through Testing

Whether it’s something as small as a fastener or as large as a 1,200 sq. ft. roof system, every new project at CBI begins with a detailed needs analysis to ensure we understand your goals and challenges, allowing us to successfully identify and implement the best technical solutions for your innovation.

The CBI team works with an unparalleled attention to detail and dedication to accuracy to provide thorough testing that reflects true-to-life installation. Our focus is on knowing how a product performs in the real world to aid in determining accurate design values to resist building code loading conditions. CBI’s ultimate goal is to ensure you have superior knowledge that your product or service offering is equivalent to comparable applications for the purpose intended in quality, strength, effectiveness, durability, and safety.

CBI’s expertise includes but is not limited to installed structural assembly R&D and testing, calibrating test data to establish material properties for use in finite element design programs, and forensic investigations. Our focus is on light-frame commercial (up to and including mid-rise) and residential construction market segments, with testing that specializes in:

  • Single elements (nails, fasteners, connectors, etc.)
  • Building components (panels, trusses, beams, etc.)
  • Full-scale systems and in situ structures

Our testing method uses both traditional standards and our own proprietary approach for application-specific testing. As ASTM E564 states, credible testing “reflects the use of the assembly in actual building constructions.”

And once your testing is complete, CBI can help you leverage the Qualtim family of services for continued success!

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Single Element Testing

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